The Greatest Leader

Asalamu Alaykum respected brothers and sisters!

I begin with introducing myself, my name is Kowsar Ahmadi, I [ am Hazara] was born in Australia and I’m 12 years old.

Tonight I want to talk, specially to the boys and girls in my age about my story of relationship with Shahid Baba Mazari. These questions came to my mind that I wanted answers for it, so I began asking?

Kowsar Ahmadi,Class 6th Bellfield College


I found out that he was once an ordinary man but today he is known as the greatest leader of the Hazara people. There are many other questions but the important question to me is why need to know him?

Boys and girls as a common rule at school we are always taught to treat people the way you want to be treated we are taught about equality, justice, racism and fairness…

Kowsar Ahmadi,Class 6th Bellfield College

But this wasn’t a common thing in schools at those times or to keep this as a number 1 goal. If you ever introduced yourself as a Hazara it will be very shameful and it will be as if you have done a heavy crime.

So the Hazaras had to cover their Hazara identify for centuries but BABA Mazari stood up and said to be proud of who  you are, Allah created us and there should be no crime. He said every person has the right to be  identified by who they really are. He knew that life without pride and injustice is nothing but a hell to live in.

Baba Mazari’s mission became the aim of every Hazara may Allah bless our beloved fother. He has never gaved up his mission until his last breath. He has left us a great responsibility to continue his path to keep his mission alive. And always look towards the bright side.

Thank you!

Kowsar Ahmadi,Class 6th Bellfield College